Seven-time NFL 101 Award winner Peyton Manning discusses his role as host of Saturday Night Live and what the 101 Awards celebration means to him during the 2008 event. Manning, quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts and now the Denver Broncos, won the award for a seventh time after the 2012 season.

“This is my fifth time coming here and it is truly a special event. It is the premier football banquet in the country. The players and coaches know it…and that’s why we’re all here.”

— Peyton Manning
5-time NFL Player-of-the-Year

“Take it from a 30-year veteran of such events, you have truly set the standard for class and hospitality.”

— Bill Belichick
3-time Super Bowl Champion head coach

“This award brought tears to my eyes because Lamar Hunt was so special and helped me so much in my development as a young coach. To be thought of in a way that honors his legacy is phenomenal.”

— Tony Dungy
2009 Recipient of Lamar Hunt Award

“One of the classiest events I’ve ever been to in my life. I’ve never seen anything else like it.”

— Steve Young
Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback

“The 101 Committee undoubtedly stages the best football awards event in the nation. To be an honoree is a great honor, one that will leave a lifetime impression. It’s a magnificent trophy; the ultimate in football for a player or coach.”

— The Late Bill Walsh
Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach

“The 101 Banquet is always an award-winning evening. It truly is the best football awards event in the country.”

— Marty Schottenheimer
4-Time Coach-of-the-Year Award Winner

“I’d heard how great this event is, but you’d have to multiply it about 1,000 times to hit on what a great occasion it is. For a country boy from Americus, Georgia, this has blown my mind.”

— Dan Reeves
5-Time Coach-of-the-Year Award Winner

“Congratulations to Kansas City on this wonderful tradition and thank you for paying tribute to our game and the great individuals that represent us on and off the field. The success of this event is a tribute to the Hunt Family, the Chief’s organization and the many business and civic leaders of Kansas City.”

— Roger Goodell
Commissioner, National Football League